Rachel studied Archaeology and Theology at Trinity College Dublin, before going on to start her M.Litt on the influences of religion on medicine in the ancient world.
She has been a licensed tour guide for 10 years in the Vatican and Rome.


Ian studied Archaeology at the university of Bradford in the early 2000’s. He has worked on sites including Pompeii and Ostia Antica.
Ian has over a decade of e experience in tourism and has been a guide in Lisbon and Rome for 12 years.

The Boss

2 years after Rachel and Ian got married ‘The Boss’ arrived. She studies finger painting and parental annoyance 101 at The Rogue Historians office/home.
Her favourite book is ‘Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls’


While many travelers and tour-operators focus on the “surface” of the city and its main highlights, The Rogue Historians like to dig a little deeper and tell travelers about the authentic side of both cities and approach showing their history from a different angle: their rise and fall, their historic shops, the iconic food from places only known by the locals, real neighborhoods, where local communities live and enjoy their daily life. Our tours are inclusive and story-telling orientated, our local guides are experts in their fields and passionate about showing you the beauty of Rome and Lisbon.