Feminist History of Rome

When: Every Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm

Duration: 3 hours at an easy pace

Cost: From €25 per person

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Minimum age 16

“ For most of history, Anonymous was a Woman.”

Virginia Woolf

We intend to rid ourselves of that anonymity and celebrate some of the great women from Rome and Italy’s past.
The first (as far as we are aware) Feminist tour of Rome will explore the role of women throughout Rome’s vast history.

We will discuss and celebrate the amazing history of women from the foundations of Rome to the 21st Century. The men who dominate Roman history; Emperors, Cardinals, Popes, probably would not be where they are in history had it not been for some of these women.

Starting at the Campidoglio, we start our story of Rome with Rhea Silva, before winding our way through the backstreets of Rome. We will discuss key female figures of ancient Rome such as Octavia and Livia, before moving on to the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque city. We celebrate the lives of sisters, mothers, wives, mistresses, and prostitutes, bringing their emotions, passions, and narratives to life.

Our tour ends a little closer to home, in the 20th Century, with Franca Viola, influential in the 1960s in Italy for refusing a “rehabilitating marriage” matrimonio riparatore”, after suffering kidnapping and rape. She was one of the first Italian women who had been raped to publicly refuse to marry her rapist. Instead, she and her family successfully appealed to the law to prosecute the rapist. The trial was to have ripple effects throughout Italy.

This tour explores themes of female empowerment and female victories, but also of rape, manipulation, and abuse. It is not suitable for young children but we will allow parental discretion.

What Our Clients Say

We are incredibly proud of this tour, but there is no need to take our word for it, check out some of our favourite reviews below

Ashley: May 15th 2019

“Informative, irreverent look at women’s history of Rome. Our guide knew her history and kept it engaging. A terrific look at a different side of Rome. I’ve been to Rome four times, and this tour was one of the highlights. Everyone should take it!”

Rachel, 8th June 2019

This is the best experience I have done in Europe. Our guide was extremely knowledgable and passionate. The tour is an absolute must. My only critcism is the tour is too cheap, I would charge more! Thanks again, R

I LOVED this tour. Jeannette is hilarious and told really interesting stories of Roman/Italian history that I’d never heard before. She is extremely knowledgeable about the topic and very engaging and friendly. I would recommend this tour to anyone interested in learning new stories about Rome rather than the same old material about Julius Caesar and gladiators 

Abigail, 12th June 2019