On this walking tour, you will discover Lisbon’s rich and varied history. Lisbon may be one of Europe’s oldest cities, but there is nothing sedentary about it — this is a bustling city with so much going on! You can book today and you can also check out the rest of our Lisbon tours if you’re looking for even more ways to explore this amazing city!

This Lisbon walking tour starts in the Bairro Alto, the nightlife centre of Lisbon. There, you will find bohemian bars and countless restaurants. Then your Rogue Historian tour guide will take you to the world’s most expensive chapel: the Church of Sao Roque. If you’ve been looking for a Lisbon History tour, then you’ve come to the right place! After this, your Lisbon tour guide will take you to the Chiado — Lisbon’s poets’ corner and birthplace of the great Fernando Pessoa.

Inside the opulent church of São Roque

On this walking tour of Lisbon, you will learn about the city’s many rises and falls over the centuries. The Great Lisbon Earthquake in 1755 shook the city to its very foundations. This was an old city with a lot of history that was razed to the ground by the earthquake and then rebuilt from the ground up in the Baixa district — the historic heart of the city. Lisbon, and Portugal, got back to its former glory and continued to prosper, before falling under Salazar’s dictatorship from 1932 – 1974. You will learn about Lisbon’s rise from the ashes of Salazar’s dictatorship before the financial ruin in 2010 and the city’s rebirth as a tech hub.

From the bohemian decadence of the Bairro Alto to the stupendous opulence of the church of Sao Roque, we trace the Lisbon’s history from foundation to financial ruin and re-emergence, from discovery to dictatorship. This is a 3-hour tour with 3000 years of history, and it’s a perfect introduction to the city, its history, hotspots, its poets, and traditions. Book this Lisbon walking tour today, and please get in touch if you have any questions. If this tour interests you, you may also like to check out our Hidden Lisbon tour!

A glimpse of daily life in the ‘City of Light’